Dubai's desert safari named world's best tourism experience

Desert safari dubai

Dubai is the most popular destination in the world for tourists. Ever since its inception, it has been known for its desert safaris. The best way to experience Dubai’s desert safari is by buying a ticket at Dubai Desert Safari Pro Dubai’s Desert Safari was named 2017 World’s Best Tourism Experience by TripAdvisor.

Best Desert Safaris in Dubai

Although there are many desert safaris to be found in Dubai, it is important that you do not go for the cheapest. There are also many budget desert safari hotels that offer very cheap prices to visitors, but they can often be unsafe and unlivable.

I have done the research on the best desert safaris in Dubai and chose the ones that I liked best. I have grouped them under three categories – private tours, group tours and day tours – because of their respective price ranges.

Desert Safari Camel Ride

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