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Dubai Sky Diving | Tandem Sky Diving| Palm Drop

Dubai Sky Diving | Tandem Sky Diving| Palm Drop| Desert Drop

One of the best ways to make your Dubai trip memorable is by going sky diving. Yes, you heard it right, the Dubai sky dive adventure will take you on a flight through the blue sky of Dubai. The cost of sky diving in Dubai is also a reasonable amount. You can go skydiving either on a Gyrocopter or on a Tandem Skydiving Flights. There is no other adventure sport that can give you the adrenaline rush that this dynamite adventure does. You jump off the plane and fly through the wind at over 120 miles per hour.

Important Information

Tour Timing & Location
8.00 am - 2.30 pm ( Slot wise depends on Availability )
Child Policy
18 years of age or above
experience the thrill of freefall at over 120 miles per hour.
Private only (On Additional charge )

Is Dubai Skydiving Adventure Worth It?


Absolutely! Dubai skydiving is regulated by the country’s aviation authority and all safety standards are strictly adhered to. You’ll be in the hands of highly trained professionals with years of experience.

As long as you meet the age and health requirements, anyone can experience the thrill of skydiving. Just make sure to check for any specific restrictions or limitations before booking.

In Dubai, you’ll jump from an altitude of approximately 13,000 feet (4,000 meters). This gives you an incredible view of the stunning cityscape and coastline as you descend.

Not at all! Dubai offers tandem skydiving, where you’ll be attached to an experienced instructor throughout the entire jump. No prior training or experience is required.

It’s best to wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. Avoid loose items that could get tangled, and wear closed-toe shoes. Jumpsuits and all necessary safety gear will be provided.

For safety reasons, personal cameras or phones are not permitted during the jump. However, professional videographers will capture every exciting moment of your skydive for you to purchase and cherish.

Generally, the minimum age requirement is 12 years old, but some centers might have higher age restrictions. Make sure to check with the specific skydiving facility for any age limitations.

Safety is the top priority, so if weather conditions aren’t suitable for skydiving, your jump will be rescheduled for a later time or date. The skydiving center will do their best to accommodate you.

Absolutely! Most skydiving centers in Dubai have designated areas for spectators to watch the jumps. It’s a great way to share the experience with friends and family.

While the cost can vary, skydiving in Dubai is generally considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience worth investing in. The memories and the adrenaline rush will be priceless!

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